Top 10 Case Management, Non-Bedside Nursing and Healthcare Headlines – July 2010

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At Pathway Medical we are constantly searching for news and information that is most interesting to the case managers,  non-bedside nurses and healthcare employers we work with.  Check out this month’s Top Nursing and Healthcare Headlines; giving you insight into news trending in popularity among your nursing and healthcare peers.


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Tips on becoming a Certified Case Manager (CCM)
One of the most popular articles this month is a post from a while back.  Hundreds of nurses and healthcare employers have been reading this article that covers tips and suggestions for nurse case managers seeking the certified case manager (CCM) designation. – Pathway Medical

Case manager’s dilemma during electronic health record (EHR) implementation
Learn about a major limitation that surfaced a week after an EHR implementation “go-live” date.   One case manager experienced an unexpected challenge. – HCPro

Nurse Hiring Guide: A guide to hiring non-bedside nurses for hospitals, managed care and other healthcare organizations
If you work for a hospital, managed care or other healthcare organization and you’re looking to attract top nursing talent in case management, utilization review, appeals, pre-certification, quality improvement, HEDIS, CDI and other non-bedside nursing professionals, check out the Nurse Hiring Guide to help you find the best nurses. – Pathway Medical

Top tips to enhance case management communication
A key competency case managers must be proficient in is being an effective communicator. This is a challenge as case managers communicate with a number of people and professionals on a daily basis. In addition, a good deal of communication is telephonic, which presents its own set of challenges. Follow these tips for best-practices in case management communication. – Case In Point

Software to help nurse case managers simplify medical jargon for patients
A new federal program called the Health Literacy Action Plan is promoting simplified language nationwide. And some health insurers, doctors’ practices and hospitals have begun using specialized software that scans documents looking for hard-to-understand words and phrases and suggests plain-English replacements. Find out how you can help your patients decipher the medical jargon so that they receive better care. – Wall Street Journal

Patients who e-mail with doctors see health improvements
Patients with diabetes or hypertension or both who communicated with their doctors via e-mail got better care and better health outcomes.  Learn more about the results from this new research. – USA Today

100 blog posts that will make you a better nurse
No one starts off their profession being perfect at everything they do. It takes time to learn the ropes and often years of hard work to truly get the hang of everything. No matter where you are in your career as a nurse, there’s likely an aspect of your job that you could work on improving. Here are some blog posts to guide you towards a brighter, more successful career in nursing and help you be the best nurse you can be. –

Evidence-based care poorly understood by patients
Only 1 in 3 patients said a physician had discussed what research showed about the best way to manage treatment. – American Medical News

Free networking group just for non-bedside and non-clinical nurses
If you have questions about nurse case management or non-bedside nursing ask your peers in a new LinkedIn Group for nurses working in non-bedside or non-clinical jobs.  Join over 125 nurses across the country that share your interest in non-bedside nursing where you can ask questions, share information and find great career tips and opportunities.  – Pathway Medical

Patients receiving email notes from dr visit serve as helpful reminders for preventative care
Check out this interesting story of a patient who finds that participating in email notifications from his physician reminds him to follow up on pre-cancerous skin condition that he would have forgotten about otherwise. –

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