Nursing Beyond the Bedside: A Network for Non Bedside Nurses

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What is Nursing Beyond the Bedside?

Nursing Beyond the Bedside is a free LinkedIn networking group that is open to nurses with experience, questions and interest across all disciplines in non bedside nursing.

This free networking group is a community of nurses working in, or interested in, non bedside / non clinical nursing, including: nurse case management, utilization review, appeals/denials, clinical documentation improvement, risk management, HEDIS, quality improvement, medical record review, nurse informatics, nurse education and any non bedside nursing profession. The group is a place for nursing professionals to ask questions, share experiences, read current news and find jobs and career advice in non bedside nursing.

There are so many networking groups for nurses, why create another one?

There are many networking groups for nurses on the Internet, but most focus on nursing education and staff / bedside nursing.

While there are a few networking groups for non bedside nursing, most are focused on specific disciplines within non bedside nursing such as:

Case Management: Case Management Society of America

Quality: American Health Quality Association

Risk: American Society for Health Risk Management

Compliance: American Association of Medical Audit Specialists

We have found that many nurses have a need for information across all of these disciplines, but lack a singular networking group to connect with their peers. This is especially true for nurses working in smaller organizations who are often responsible for multiple roles across the non bedside nursing spectrum.

In response to this demand, we have created Nursing Beyond the Bedside. The group is intended to be a place for all nurses in these various non bedside roles to ask questions, share expertise, read the latest news, find career advice and share job opportunities with their peers.

We welcome you to join us and your fellow nurses on the Nursing Beyond the Bedside group on LinkedIn!

Q: Is there a place that I can go to interact with other nurses that do not have traditional nursing jobs in bedside / staff nursing?

  1. Thanks to everyone that joined during nurses week. We are up to 809 members that are great networking contacts for all non-bedside nurses. Hope you are enjoying the discussion.

  2. Susan says:

    It’s a wonderful idea Nurses supporting Nurses!

  3. I have experience in case management, workers compensation, and am aspiring to be a legal nurse consultant.

  4. Happy Nurses Week !!!

  5. debbie erthal says:

    great idea